Final Fantasy I, II, V, and VI to be Delisted on Mobile July 28 for Pixel Remasters

Final Fantasy II

Square Enix have announced additional delistings of classic Final Fantasy games on mobile, ahead of the Pixel Remaster launch.

As previously reported, Final Fantasy V and VI are set to be delisted after July 27th on Steam, making way for their Pixel Remaster version sometime thereafter. The Pixel Remasters of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and Final Fantasy III are set to launch July 28th.

Now, updates to the App Store and Google Play listings of Final Fantasy [1, 2], Final Fantasy II [1, 2], Final Fantasy V [1, 2], and Final Fantasy VI [1, 2] have been updated. In addition to noting they are the “old version,” the store descriptions note the games will be delisted July 28th, and to buy the Pixel Remaster versions thereafter.

As previously reported; Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV will remain seemingly untouched across Steam and mobile, as those games were remade in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS; and later ported to other platforms. Final F

The Pixel Remakes all feature a 20% pre-order discount on Steam, and emphasize being based on their original releases; but with improved graphics, and soundtracks. Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are available for pre-order for $9.59 USD, while III to VI are available for $14.39 USD. A bundle of the entire collection along with free soundtracks and wallpapers is available for $74.82 USD.


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