Fangs MOBA temporarily closes servers less than 3 months after launch


Developer Hidden Leaf Games have announced their MOBA title Fangs will temporarily shut down its servers not long after their initial launch.

The primary reason behind the servers being shuttered is to improve queue times as the player count since launch has been rather poor.

So the servers will instead only be open between 1PM to 10 PM ET on Wednesdays after they close down the servers on February 10th.

Their plan is to work on windows of times for playtests of Fangs for when they plan on opening up servers normally once more some time in Q2 of 2023.

They also share details of upcoming updates by then:

  • More VFX & SFX Improvements
  • Ability to build loadouts in client
  • Reduce and rework Augments to have more cohesive design synergy and choices
  • Rebalance Heroes to give more player agency in combat
  • Switch Casual matches to best of 3 instead of best of 5 games
  • Add Achievements (ie 5000 kills or 1000 Shards captured)
  • Many many bug fixes and performance improvements

You can check out our preview of Fangs that we did here. As we found in our preview, the game does have potential among those who enjoy moba style combat.

However, as we’re seeing now with the server status, the concern of a low player count is always a worry for smaller development teams.



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