Hardcore medieval PvPvE game Expedition Agartha gets early access launch in August

Expedition Agartha

Publisher Wandering Wizard announced Expedition Agartha is finally launching via early access this month.

Expedition Agartha is launching for PC via Early Access (via Steam) on August 18. Expedition Agartha is an upcoming multiplayer medieval hardcore looter survival game developed by Matrioshka Games.

Expedition Argatha is a game about explorers and mercenaries who travel to the continent of Mu in search of wealth and plunder. However, they are not alone, as many groups are decending on the continent against them.

The game is full hardcore loot PvPvE experience where players will have to fight against, not just enemy players, but also dangerous NPCs. Your job is to enter the land, raid its resources, complete quests, defeat powerful foes, escape to safety or else lose your gear and start over again.

You can check out a new trailer here:


You have different ways to play as well. You can play in single player or co-op with up to 3 friends.

You can also choose between a Freebooter, a free low tier character with no stat progression, or take the risk and play as a mercenary, a character who brings his own gear with him to the island and earns better gear and rewards as he completes objectives on the island.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Niche Gamer will be getting an exclusive look at Expedition Agartha, so please look forward to our impressions next week!

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