Eschalon Book 3 Release Date Announced

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Indie developer Basilisk Games announced today that the third chapter in their Eschalon series of RPGs will be shooting arrows through gamer’s hearts in time for Valentine’s Day 2014. While originally slated for a holiday 2013 release, Basilisk was forced to delay it…though obviously not for long.

While this last game of the popular Eschalon trilogy will continue the same classic turn-based combat and hardcore gaming conventions upheld by its predecessors, Basilisk has assured newcomers that you need not play the first two games to understand the story of this third chapter.

Eschalon Book 3

Though the recently Steam green-lighted game won’t hit major distribution channels until next February, those wanting to beta test the product before then can opt to do so.

Info on this part of the release will be described in detail at the game’s official website within the coming weeks.

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