Crossplay between Epic Games Store and Steam is finally here

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Fall Guys is about to become free-to-play on June 21st, but one of the major issues plaguing the game, and many others, has been the lack of crossplay on the Epic Games Store.

Crossplay has become common practice for many games, whether its between consoles and PC, or even between competing consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Now though, thanks to new development tools released by Epic Games which they say are “plug-and-play”, should therefore be easy to implement. As such, both Steam and Epic Games Store users should be able to finally play games together between platforms.

Here’s a video teasing crossplay:

This should be good news for many fans of games that appear on both storefronts. This is big considering the fair number of titles, such as the aforementioned Fall Guys, which release as Epic Games Store exclusives despite having already been released on Steam or get a Steam release later.

Though in the case of Fall Guy, the Epic exclusive release hasn’t occurred until after the game goes free-to-play. Once free to play, it will not be available on Steam, the same development that happeened with Rocket League, which also went free-to-play shortly after becoming exclusive on Epic Games Store.

In these cases, those who already owned the game on Steam were still able to play it through their original platform. Though until now, the limitations of crossplay meant there was always a concern over time of the split playerbase affecting aspects such as queue times and matchmaking.

However with this new announcement, those concerns should be a thing of the past. As developers should hopefully find crossplay easy to implement, therefore all games available on both platforms should include crossplay between each other.

There are also additional features along with the addition of general crossplay, like connecting with friends across both storefronts. Epic also noted that crossplay functionality will eventually be coming with those on consoles and mobile platforms later on.

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