Electronic Arts possibly looking for sale or merger, says new rumor

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts may become another in a long line of companies getting acquired, according to a new rumor.

The new rumor claims Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson is seeking out either a sale or merger for the company. There are even rumors they are “persistent in pursuing” this deal and have been in talks with NBCUniversal, Disney, and Apple.

This attempt seems to be following the recent trend of major companies attempting to pick up the smaller ones in hopes of bolstering their video game portfolios. Of course, this story is currently seeing EA being the one hoping to be taken in. From reports, it seems this move would be similar to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard earlier this year.

This news of Electronic Arts seeking possible buyers is similar to reports earlier in the year relating to Ubisoft. A few years ago, they had to fight off a takeover attempt by Vivendi. But now they’ve stated they are open to being acquired. There are even currently rumors of the company being taken over with interest from multiple equity firms.

According to these rumors, EA had made their attempts in talks with NBCUniversal that supposedly got far along, but talks broke down due to disagreements with “price and structure”. There were also talks with Disney, where the company has enjoyed a partnership with creating multiple major Star Wars games through Respawn Entertainment. However, Disney also backed out of those plans.

This news will be interesting to keep an eye on going forward. After the numerous major acquisitions that have already occurred this year. It’s entirely possible that moves will be made by either EA or an interested party to get the company merged or taken by another.


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