Eiichiro Oda States One Piece Manga will End in Four to Five Years

One Piece

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has stated in an interview that the manga will finally be coming to an end in four or five years.

We had previously reported how the final arc of the One Piece manga was being teased. The series has been running for 23 years already, with creator Eiichiro Oda saying last year that he intended the series to run for at least another five.

Crunchyroll now reports that during an interview with Arashi Tsu Bo, Oda stated that the series would end in four to five years. Oda also reportedly said that the series ending had been (in Crunchyroll’s words) solidified. Editors have been informed of how the series will end, with one stating during the interview that it was “awesome.”

As noted by one Twitter user who live-tweeted the interview in summery, One Piece failed to get pass the approval process before it was finally greenlit. Oda stated he always wanted to work for Shonen Jump because of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. Oda stated he was merely a one-hit wonder (albeit, one that has lasted a long time).

Oda’s passion for his work was revealed in other ways. He revealed one phone call with an editor lasted 12 hours. Oda also revealed he cried when drawing one particular manuscript. While he was late handing it in and one editor was angry, that editor began to cry reading the manuscript as well.

Oda also stated his three best scenes were the Skypiea campfire scene, the Straw Hat pirates entering the Sabaody Archipelago and playing with the bubbles, and the double page spread revealing Wano Country.

The Twitter user also theorizes that One Piece may have a lot longer left in it, despite Oda’s insistence. “‘Does One Piece only have 4-5 years left?’ It could. But please consider the history of such statements and that Oda once said it was half over at volume 24. …then again around 50. And last year he also said 5 years. I personally believe it has 7 years left but we’ll see.”

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