#Dungeon Lets You Create by Simply Tweeting

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#Dungeon is a roguelike, bullet hell game from developers Kieran Hicks and Sean Oxspring, and it’s giving gamers a whole new way to create their own content in game, via the help of Twitter. Described as a combination of The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, #Dungeon allows fans to create levels via tweeting certain hashtags.

Players will be able to tweet code under #HashtagDungeon, after this the code is automatically added as new content within the game as traps, rooms filled with monsters, among other things. All tagged tweets will filter into the game “in the same way that a Twitter stream on a website would be.”

In case you’re worried that people may troll players by spawning tons of hard enemies or traps, the team is looking “at several methods to ensure dungeon rooms are functional, including limiting the total number of things that can spawn in any room and having objects snap to a grid based system.”

As you progress through the player generated dungeon clearing every room as you go, eventually you’ll encounter a final boss. You’ll have the option to play existing dungeons, all of which are accessible from a list featuring the latest creations. Or, you know, you could just create your own.

Lastly, in case you don’t feel like going through the whole Twitter thing (despite that being the game’s main premise), you’ll be able to create your own levels via the in game level editor. Construction of levels is simple, you’ll be able to drag and drop any elements you want, and you can even tweet out the results for other players to try it out.

#Dungeon is currently being developed for both Android devices and PC, and is on track for a release sometime this summer.

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