DuckTales Remastered Director has Taken to Making Flippy Bard

flippy bard 03-30-14-1

I know what you’re about to say – “Oh GREAT! Another article about a Flappy Bird clone!” This is another article about yet another Flappy Bird clone, but don’t leave just yet! This clone is intriguing enough to stand on its own, and is worth checking out.

Flippy Bard is created solely by the director of DuckTales Remastered, Austin Ivansmith, and it has been available on both iOS and Google Play for some time now. Just like Maverick Bird and Flappybalt, Flippy Bard takes the simple, core concept of Flappy Bird and adds just enough to it so that it has something more than just trying to get a high score. I played it for awhile, and I particularly enjoy the Multiple Bard mode, a mode in which you have to juggle up to four bards.

What’s interesting about Flippy Bard, however, is that it’s not the first Flippy Bard game to come out. In fact, two other versions of Flippy Bard have been made available on both Google Play and iOS, so it makes you wonder just how much Google and Apple are cracking down on clones, or in this case clones of clones of clones. Perhaps the creators of those clones feel they have no right to flag his clone of their clone?



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