Dokapon Kingdom Connect gets first trailer and details

Dokapon Kingdom Connect

Publisher Compile Heart and developer Sting shared the first trailer for Dokapon Kingdom Connect, their newly-announced remake of the classic party RPG.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the first trailer:

Dokapon Kingdom Connect

The game retains the fun of the original version, but adds a new online battle function. Players will be able to enjoy battles with players from all over the world.

The “Dokapon” series is the original “friendship destruction” RPG-style board game.

The one who earns more money than anyone else wins” is a consistent theme throughout the series. To achieve this, there are plenty of ways to interfere with other players, so if you play among friends, your friendship may be in jeopardy……, making this a game that truly lives up to its “friendship destroyer” name.

Released in 1993, “Decisive Battle! Dokapon Kingdom IV: Densetsu no Yusha-tachi (The Legendary Heroes),” the series has since sold more than 1 million copies to users around the world.

Dokapon Kingdom” is the most popular title in the series, combining the field map and basic setting of “Dokapon 3, 2, 1: Storm Calling Friendship” with the job and career change systems of “Dokapon the World” to create what is often called the “best party game.

Dokapon Kingdom Connect” is a remake of “Dokapon Kingdom,” a masterpiece filled with such fun. The Dokapon Kingdom has lost all its money to a monster that suddenly appeared. The player becomes a “hero” and throws himself into a fierce battle over the money in order to save the Dokapon Kingdom and win the next king’s throne. The game features a variety of characters, events, and training elements. Can you conquer them all and “earn more money than anyone else”?

The adventure of money and everything else is about to begin.


Dokapon Kingdom is a country where everyone loves money. Suddenly, demons appear in this peaceful land, and villages are attacked.

The people are plunged into poverty, and the king receives no taxes.

So the king made up his mind. He gathers brave men and women and liberates the villages from the demons.

His reward is the next throne and a princess. An adventure filled with gold and treachery begins now!


  • A backgammon game x RPG – That is “Dokapon Kingdom Connect”.
  • The only condition for victory is to earn more money than anyone else – Players become “heroes” and aim to be the one who makes more money than anyone else!
  • The rules are simple – Turn the roulette wheel, advance, and follow the instructions of the squares. Sometimes you can defeat monsters, get items, get treasures, change jobs, lose money to strange characters, or steal your friends’ money!
  • No mercy, not for your friends, not for your family – Anything goes in this mischievous battle!

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