Disney Investment Firm Wants to Acquire Activision

While the share price for Activision has been declining over the past several months, market speculation has pointed to the game publisher giant being the next big acquisition for the entertainment industry. Furthermore, one of the Walt Disney Company’s main investors has suggested the media corporation should acquire Activision.

The news comes via an interview with Gerber Kawasaki’s (the investment and management firm behind the Disney-Fox merger) Nick Licouris and Bloomberg, where the market specialist noted the time for Disney to buy up Activision has arrived.

“Ideally for an investor you want this to happen now,” Licouris said in the interview. Despite the promising turnaround from an investor standpoint, Disney is probably years away from such a move.

Currently, Disney has a long-term Star Wars licensing deal with Electronic Arts, and has been licensing out their Marvel franchises quite a bit as well.

This doesn’t mean someone else acquiring Activision won’t happen, though. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple have all been pushing their entrance into gaming quite hard recently, and acquiring a large publisher like Activision would be quite the power move.

We’ll keep you guys posted. How would you feel about Activision being acquired by a large media corporation like Disney? Google? Sound off in the comments below!



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