Disney Dreamlight Valley adds Lion King realm in new update

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gameloft has posted a new update for Disney Dreamlight Valley that adds the Lion King realm and more.

Here’s a rundown on the new update, plus a new trailer:

Pride of the Valley Content Update

Lions, Aliens, and Eggs. What do all of these things have in common? You’ll find they play an important part in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s fourth major content update – Pride of the Valley!

Your pride grows a little larger

Your pride, or village family, is about to grow a bit bigger! As of today, a new realm door is available to unlock in the Dream Castle, this time magic-ing you away to The Lion King Realm. Inside you’ll help Simba and Nala from Disney’s The Lion King chase away hyenas, track down tasty insects, and learn more about the circle of life.

You’ll also find that a few other villagers are in need of some assistance around the Valley – make sure to keep an eye on your Quest log to see who you can help out!

Create your own theme park!

Celebrate the magic of the Disney Parks in your Valley with the new Disney Parks Star Path! This Star Path features items based off iconic park staples, like the Mad Tea Party attraction and Figment-shaped topiaries. Donald Duck and Goofy also get their first Dream Styles – dress them up via the Collections Menu in-game to add some extra Disney Parks Magic to your theme parks! Will you be able to find every Disney Parks reference we’ve hidden?

In addition to the new Star Path, both the Premium Shop and Scrooge McDuck Store have received stock updates! Make sure to check each regularly for new content.

Critter Comforts

Your favorite furry (+ scaley and feathery) friends have gotten an upgrade! Each animal companion now has its own unique selfie pose to capture special moments in the Valley together and new items that will allow you to display multiple animal companions at once. Check out your Crafting Station for new item recipes, and make sure to share your selfies with us via your social media!

Get ready for an egg-cellent adventure!

It isn’t a Spring update without…eggs? Keep an eye out from April 8th to April 29th for some seasonal treats! We’ve hatched some new items that you can claim as you egg-splore the Valley and complete seasonal Dream Duties. You can even assist WALL·E during this event to claim some extra event crafting materials!

Community Driven Changes

  • With every update, we look to our Community for suggestions and feedback to inspire new content and features. Here are a few of the changes and additions you can expect in this update, brought to you by your feedback:
  • Improved Well Fed Buff: You can now hold a button to activate a sprint mode while under the Well Fed buff. Critical chances on resource pick up will also be higher the more your energy bar is filled!
  • Twitch Drops are here! Expect a variety of opportunities to claim new items this month by watching content creators play Disney Dreamlight Valley on Twitch. You can find more information HERE.
  • Sit back and relax: As of this update, sitting down on furniture will slowly refill your energy bar when you’re outside of your home.
  • Animal Companion upgrades: As mentioned above, we know you want to interact more with your animal companions! You’ll find new items to spawn your favorite pets along with a variety of interactive items they can play with in your Crafting Station.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available across Windows PC (via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store), Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A full, free-to-play release is planned for 2023.



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