Did You Ever Want to be The Queen of Space? Now’s Your Chance!

queen of space ss 1

Our friends over at Island Officials have released an exciting new game on iOS and Android devices that lets you live out your wildest Space Queen fantasies – or something like that. Actually, it’s really a trippy bullet hell shooter of sorts, or rather a very unique take on the genre that usually sees you dodging completely absurd amounts of projectiles.

Instead, you control a moveable icon of sorts that changes as you match it to icons of the same color. As they fall and you match the correct ones, eventually you chance colors – the key thing is to avoid icons of different colors, as touching them equates to instant death. I was breezing by the game’s easy mode and decided to try my hands on the hard mode – this is where the bread and butter really is.

Icons falling down towards me at lightning speeds, all to the tunes of an absolutely awesome and yet tongue in cheek space rock opera soundtrack. Honestly I’ve got to say that Queen of Space is simple, challenging, and yet addicting. The best part about this game is that it’s totally free, you can download it via Android, and later on iOS or the Amazon Marketplace.



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