Horror game Devour teases its new Slaughterhouse map


The cooperative horror game Devour teased new images from its upcoming map, showcasing gruesome artwork of some of its unfortunate residents.

Among the residents in the new Slaughterhouse map is the masked killer called Nathan, who seems to draw inspiration from the Saw franchise’s own pig masked killer.

The map has no set announcement date and some of the assets shown seem to still be in their concept art phase, but the sneak peek is already enough to put fear in anyone who may dare enter the Slaughterhouse.

Attentive players who follow Devour closely may remember that a previous sneak peek of the map was released back in June, however due to covid delays the core team of the game had to halt some of its work in the new content. Here’s some more art:

Devour has been available for macOS and Windows PC (via Steam).



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