Demon’s Souls 2, “Evolve” Listed on Swedish Retailer

demons souls 2

Spotted by Neogaf user Ekim, a Swedish retailer has listed Demon’s Souls 2 and a game curiously titled “Evolve”. Many users are claiming this store is a reliable source and not one to post games purely for attention.

Demon’s Souls 2 has been popping up on various sites recently, so we could possibly be expecting a reveal at Sony’s Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show line up? Sony has promised more game reveals at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, but they haven’t clarified whether those reveals will be for PS4, Vita, or both.

Sony has previously expressed remorse behind them not fully utilizing the Demon’s Souls IP before it became a global phenomenon. Still, it would be strange to have Namco and From Software’s Dark Souls 2 launching alongside Demon’s Souls 2, if the game actually is in development. How could the game be marketed as its own experience? Could Sony possibly rebrand it?

The “Evolve” game is completely unknown to me, could it possibly be tied into Sony’s recent “Greatness Awaits” ad campaign, featuring characters from all of Sony’s franchises?

One thing’s for sure, Dark Souls 2 is promising a lot more death and if Demon’s Souls 2 were to be revealed you can bet they would probably promise even more death, if that were possible at this point in the franchise made infamous by how often you die. What do you guys think – would Demon’s Souls 2 be silly/redundant at this point, or could it stand on its own again as a franchise?


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