Deemo II Concept Music “Away From the Rain” Teaser Trailer

Deemo II

Rayark International Limited have released a teaser trailer focusing on one of the new tracks for for mobile rhythm game Deemo II. 

The original game and its remake was a piano-based rhythm game, helping a small girl remember her past with the creature Deemo. While announced in late December, details were scant on what the sequel would be like. A release date has not been announced, but pre-registration on the Google Play store is available.

The new trailer and Google Play store description seem to indicate a world beset with torrential rain. However a young man and a new white creature akin to Deemo learn that music can stop the rain, and now “search the fantasy kingdom for a hope that will save the world.” 

The new trailer’s video description also states “Let Deemo and The Little Girl join you!” As such, it is likely elements from the prior game could be seen in the sequel.

You can find the Concept Music trailer below, with the track Away from the rain composed by Chamber Chu.

Image: Google Play



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