Debut Trailer for Omega Labyrinth Life

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D3 Publisher have released the debut trailer for boob-centric RPG Omega Labyrinth Life. Suffice to say, we advice that the above video is not safe for work, and viewer discretion is advised.

Many features from past games return here. These include your character’s bust increasing as they get stronger and utilizing your new found assets to massage crystals to turn them into items. Along with exploring randomly generated dungeons, it seems the “Faint☆Awakening” system returns, letting you level up your characters after tapping and rubbing parts of their bodies in a cut-scene.

A new feature seems to be the ability to decorate a home base of some sorts. Along with adding decorations, you are able to do gardening and gather flowers. We are not sure what purpose it serves at this time, but it is likely to allow you to gain more decoration objects or something to make you more powerful in dungeons.

The tail-end of the trailer, details on the PlayStation 4 version Labyrinth Life are briefly mentioned. Combined with our prior report on that version being censored, it seems to discuss how this version of more family friendly.

Omega Labyrinth Life and Labyrinth Life are launching in Japan on August 1st for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 respectively.

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