Death Stranding Has a Very Easy Mode for People That Prefer Watching Movies

Hideo Kojima has confirmed Death Stranding will have a very easy mode for users that don’t normally play video games.

Kojima announced the news on Twitter, in reply to his personal assistant Ayako Terashima. Ayako stated she had played the game on the aforementioned very easy mode.

“According to my boss, this mode is for ppl who usually don’t play game, movie fans or RPG fans. Normal or Hard Mode is for action game fans,” she said.

Ayako elaborated further: “Normally there’s only Easy Mode, but we added Very Easy Mode for movie fans since we have real actors like Norman, Mads, Lea starred in. Even Yano-san who never completed the 1st stage of PAC-MAN, was able to complete the game on Very Easy Mode”

In other news, the game also may have a secret where urination can be a weapon.

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Death Stranding will launch November 8th, for PlayStation 4.



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