New Darkstalkers Lilith statue is sweet and petite

Darkstalkers Lilith statue

A new Darkstalkers Lilith statue is a reminder that while the series maybe on perpetual hiatus there are still companies out there making statues for fans to enjoy.

What can be said about the poor Darkstalkers series – the last game was released in March 2013 as a downloadable title on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade to positive reception, though the publisher claimed it has failed commercially.

The Darkstalkers Lilith Aensland Statue is based on a new drawing by Shunya Yamashita and is being manufactured by Kotobukiya.

The Darkstalkers Lilith Aensland Statue is a 1/7 scale and comes in at just under nine inches 8.78 (22.5 cm), made from the standard PVC and ABS – the same as most statues. The statue shows Lilith’s slender, youthful body line and her adorable, innocent expression.

Lilith’s pose with her back arched and hands behind her head helps accentuate her slender figure. The fabric creases on her leggings and boots, as well as the back of her leotard add that little bit of extra detail that set this statue apart from other mass produced figures.

The texture of the succubus wings is also a very nice surprise, not something we really got a good look at in the original Japanese design or character concept art but nonetheless helps to bring the statue to life and give it a realistic appearance.

The Darkstalkers Lilith statue is available for preorder and going for $101.38 to $230.00 with a release date of November 2022. Thanks to our fan Ghignathos for the tip on this story!



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