Cult of The Lamb gets a huge quality of life update

Our favorite woodland cult management simulator just got a much needed quality of life update.

The new 1.1.0 update sets out to fix a lot of the Cult of the Lamb‘s micro-managing aspects that took precious time away from the hack-and-slash gameplay.

With the new changes it will be possible to spend way less time at your base and way more time taking down the game’s corrupted old gods.

Some of the quality of life features included are:

Cult of the Lamb 1.1.0 Update

  • Blessed be thy name – Finger slip when you were naming your Cult? Or maybe it was funny at the time, but now not so much? Use your Book of Doctrines to rename your Cult anytime.
  • Blessed be thy stats – Your Book of Doctrines will also now display your statistics – your Crusades, Kills, Followers, and their fates. A great way to keep track of the holy history of the Lamb!
  • Blessed be thy controller – Some have a specific way to play – we hear you! Fully customise your controls for optimal heretic-slaying efficiency.
  • Blessed be thy cooking… and fishing – A successful Cult means a lot of mouths to feed! You will now be able to enable Auto-Cooking and Auto-Fishing from the Accessibility menu in Settings. That’s right, every dish and fish will be an automatic success!
  • Blessed be thy blessings – We get it, you’re a busy Lamb, you don’t have time to Bless every. Single. Follower. Well, fret no more – the Lamb can now Bless, Inspire, or Intimidate multiple Followers at once within an area. You get a Blessing, you get a Blessing!

The developers also teased a new major content update called “Relics of the Old Faith“, which promises to focus on adding depth and detail to your Cult management.

Relics of the Old Faith is scheduled to release in early 2023, and will be a free update to the game.

Cult of The Lamb still lacks in replay value, so here’s hoping that this content update brings more for players who already finished the game.

Cult of the Lamb is available for Windows PC, Mac (via GOG and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XIS. In case you missed it – you can read our review for Cult of the Lamb right here.

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