Crusader Kings III DLC Tours and Tournaments announced

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Paradox Interactive have announced the latest DLC for Crusader Kings III, their medieval grand strategy game.

It will be called Tours and Tournaments and focuses on the ability for rulers to go on a tour to enjoy grand activities such as weddings, falconry hunts, and more.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Here’s a rundown of the Crusader Kings III Tours and Tournaments DLC:

Crusader Kings III Tours and Tournaments

Get Ready For Adventure

Restless feet carry their master far and wide. Travel and see exotic foreign lands on your own personal Epic Tour.

  • Handpick your Entourage and customize your Route carefully. The road ahead is risky and hazardous, but also filled with colorful characters and life-changing events.
  • Manifest your benevolence and meet your grateful subjects in the most distant corners of your realm. Or, bring a horde of tax collectors and finally get your due from those conveniently hard-to-reach vassals.

A Novel Form Of Tournament

Aspiring warriors or prestige-seeking nobles, the Tournament is the perfect place to show your worth. Will you impress during the myriad new tourneys, pageantry, and chivalric trials of jousting?

  • Join Contests to win extraordinary Prizes and gain valuable experience in new skills.
  • Host a magnificent Tournament with all its splendor and festivities. Prepare yourself well by paying a visit to the blacksmith or gain some liquid courage in the local tavern.
  • Beguile your opponent with setting Intents, then bash their heads in or win the heart of your quarries with your excellent jousting skills.

Grand Activities, Knightly Honors, and New Art

Medieval life wouldn’t be the same without elaborate weddings and knights. With Crusader Kings III: Tours & Tournaments both impress even more!

  • Gain an edge in backroom diplomacy by organizing a Grand Wedding. Negotiate beneficial prenuptial deals, please your Courtly vassals, and gain favors at these new intricate ceremonies.
  • Bestow your knights with honors, allowing your warrior nobles to specialize, whether in politics or on the battlefield. Train them up, sending them to tournaments or war for even more experience.
  • Admire the new museum-worthy character art, showcasing in detail the evolution of armor and dazzling changes in western medieval clothing, from the early to late Middle Ages.

Crusader Kings III is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam).

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