Complete Guide to MLB The Show 22: What You Should Know

Look into the MLB The Show 22 game to understand this exciting game to another level. Making MLB picks has become easier, but you can learn more about the game by playing this game. Check out this complete guide to learn all you should know about MLB The Show 22. 

About the Game

The MLB The Show is a baseball video game developed by San Diego Studio, and Sony Interactive Entertainment published it. The game is based on Major League Baseball, released for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/5, and Xbox One. It was also released on Nintendo Switch, the first for the franchise. 

The seventeen entry of the MLB, The Show franchise was released on the 5th of April, 2022. The game’s cover features Los Angeles two-way ( pitcher and batter) player Shohei Ohtani. Also, unique manga-style art by Takashi Okazaki of Shohei Ohtani featured on the MVP cover art and Digital Deluxe MLB The Show 22 game editions. 

However, for the second consecutive year, the Xbox versions of the game were available for the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass without additional cost. People that purchased the MVP or Digital editions received early access to this game starting on the 1st of April. It makes it one of the first MLB The Show games without competitors in the U.S. 

Game Features

Like most years, The Show usually gets many new features. This game has new difficult options to make it more accessible for all players. Apart from the graphical upticks expected, and new animations, there will be new announcers in the booth calling games. 

There is also an update on the Gameplay, where batters in the box can go all-in on a tiny section of the hitting zone, where they all believe the pitch will go, providing bonuses or serious drawbacks for misses. 

Also, a new perfect accuracy region in the mound will help guide even the players to where all pitches should be placed. Outside the field, the same mechanic is now extended to now extends. The time-based correct trigger placement was exclusive to outfielders a year before. 

Now, the minigame within a game will require players zipping perfect throws all over the field, potentially acting as a strong guide hand for every new player and a skill-gap difference maker. In addition, the new pass of features helps breathe new life into the experience for those returning to the series. 


We are happy that MLB The Show 22 version only requires a little help in the gameplay department. There is no major complaint or drawback with any of it. Controls in the game are snappy and responsive, and inputs are okay. 

Difficulty can scale to the individual player and the systems available to every player, while it can be intimidating sometimes, which offers a depth most games do not have. 

The forum’s utter perfection years back lets The Show 22 focus more on the player onboarding process. Unlike the past version, there are two new difficulties: Amateue and Minor. That take makes the game more accessible to players of all abilities. 

On the difficult part, those fall just above beginners, creating an excellent upward momentum for brand-new players’ learning systems and improving at their own pace.  

However, this game will ask every player if they would like it to scale up to the difficulty as they continue to improve. Of course, there is no pressure to do so, but it is pretty thrilling to see one skill go from gently riding up the entry ramp to eventually blazing the highway in the high-speed lane. 

As for pitchers, a new perfect Accuracy Region will he;p you guide even seasoned players in where they should play any pitches. 

On the other hand, defensive players can hit on perfect throws at any angle around the field, not just the outfield. It doubles as a smooth tutorial-type feature for new players and could create a significant skill gap in online play.   

What We Think

Like the old version of this game, the MLB Show 22 is unique in some fundamental ways, even though there is a need for more severe competition. This game is still stunningly good, deep as you want it to be experienced. It boasts requested features like a card collection game mode, and its solo creates a player mode and so many standout features. 


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