Co-Op in Knack Looks Seriously Fun

knack ss 1

Sony has revealed that their upcoming Playstation 4 launch title, Knack, has a fun co-op mode that puts a spin on what we considered co-op from games past.

While Knack is primarily a singe player game designed for all ages, it can get very difficult on the more challenging modes. Playing the game in co-op naturally makes these higher difficulties more approachable.

You can view the co-op trailer below:

The second player jumps in as a robot version of Knack, who is able to donate his parts to Knack in order to heal him. Robot Knack also has similar moves to the his authentic counterpart.

The Playstation Blog post also went into level progression in Knack, mentioning how you’ll find walls and doors that you can smash, burn down, or outright destroy. There are apparently over 60 hidden rooms in the game.

The various gadgets from Knack were also detailed, each of them being modular and requiring several parts to complete, ranging anywhere from three to seven parts.

Here are a few of the gadgets:

  • Combo Booster – allows Knack to boost his attack strength by hitting enemies 8 times in a row without taking damage himself.
  • Harvester – lets Knack collect Sunstones from defeated enemies. In these chests you may also find Crystal Relics, like diamonds or rubies.
  • Any single Rare Relic you find will unlock a new form of Knack to use in a second play-through. Each variation of Knack has different characteristics, like super strength or super fragility.

Knack is also getting a free mobile app called Knack’s Quest. It’s currently only for iOS, but is coming soon to Android. Knack’s Quest is a puzzle game that lets you line up three similar jewels, which in turn lets you get gadget parts and Rare Relics that you can use in the Playstation 4 game.

When Knack launches with Playstation 4 on November 15th, the app will be updated to let you transfer things you’ve unlocked to the full game.



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