Check out a Whole Bunch of New Deep Down Footage

Deep Down SS 1

We’ve been covering Deep Down for a bit and we’re pretty excited for this hopeful gem. Despite it being a F2P title, it still shows great promise.

There was a video previously for the pre-TGS conference that Sony held but these ones are actually from the Tokyo Game Show itself that was just recently released, available to view in awesome 1080P so enjoy guys!

Looking at the videos it seems that the levels and monster are procedurally generated which is pretty awesome, how it brings out a new experience whenever played. We are looking at a more weighty combat system similar to Dark Souls, however it still gives more precise aiming and control to the player.

In some sections we see that you are able to shift combat based off the areas that the player attacks, such as getting an enemy on his knees by attacking the lower legs and doing more damage with well aimed attacks to the head. Hopefully we see more tactical combat utilized throughout the game. There is a little part where you see Vita integration which hopefully means you can play this bad boy on your Vita when it arrives!



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