Brawlhalla’s Luck o’ the Brawl 2023 is underway

2D platformer fighter Brawlhalla is known for having a lot of events during the year, so you know they couldn’t forget Saint Patrick’s Day.

The event includes multiple skins, a new emote, and event colors for every available legend. Fans can also expect balancing and more in the new patch.

The event’s description reads:

Welcome to Luck o’ the Brawl – the time of year where you wear green or you’re gonna get KO’d! We’re celebrating with the new Kern Koji Skin, Pot o’ Gold Emote, “In it for the Gold” Title, 7 more seasonal Skins, and other limited-time items. Just follow the four-leaf clovers in Mallhalla.

This patch includes a new Balance Pass ahead of Spring Championship 2023, new Account Level Titles, new Hammer and Rocket Lance combo Challenges, updated Signature reworks in the Experimental queue, game improvements like updated damage color flashes that match your Legend’s health, bug fixes, and so much more!

Brawlhalla is currently free-to-play on Windows PC and Mac (both via Steam), as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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