Blue Archive banner 5/30-6/6 should you pull?

Shigure Recollect Blue Archive

The Hot Spring Resort event is back in Blue Archive and this time there’s a new student. Shigure, who made her story debut during the first event is finally available to recruit as a student!

To round out the banners we’re seeing a return of Cherino (Hot spring), Chinatsu (Hot Spring) and Nodoka (Hot Spring). It’s all very shiny and thematic, but are any of them worth pulling for?

Mayoi Shigure

Shigure Blue Archive

She’s new, she’s cute, and she’s… not that great. She’s one of the few line AoE students but frankly those are some of the worst in the game. She has a solid attack buff at the cost of accuracy, and otherwise just does Explosive damage. Many explosive units have way better AoE Ex-Abilities so she’s really nothing exciting unless you’re excited for a raccoon(?) girl on your team.

Renkawa Cherino (Hot Spring ver.)

Cherino is back but this time as a Tactical Support. She’ll ride in on a tank to do some Explosive damage. Unfortunately Explosive Damage isn’t the most desirable in PvP where most Tactical Supports shine and she’s outclassed by meta supports for Raid content. She’s convenient to have in case the PvP meta ever shifts towards Explosive damage, but that’s about it.

Hinomiya Chinatsu (Hot Spring ver.)

The raid meta of loading one or two students with buffs wouldn’t work without students like Chinatsu (Hot Spring). Chinatsu does mediocre damage, but she has a cheap EX-Ability that gives herself a shield while giving one student a long-lasting ATK SPEED buff. Comfy for some raid comps but far from necessary.

Amami Nodoka (Hot Spring ver.)

The real star of this banner. Nodoka (Hot Spring) is an easy to use healer; rather than targeting an ally you place her down and she throws a heal to the lowest HP ally in a radius around her. This makes her more effective in PvP but she’s usable in raids too.

She especially stands out in PvP comps that rely in tankiness to run out the clock on defense. She can help secure your place on the leaderboard by frustrating the enemy team with tons of heals on tanks like Tsubaki.

Should I Pull?

None of these students are Limited/Unique which means they can all appear as a random 3-star in other pulls. We know we keep saying this but we’re -STILL- catching up to Japanese servers and we’re proceeding rapidly through events to get there.

There’s some amazing Limited/Unique students coming up in the near future. Mainly Mika in late July and a few others in August and September. So you do have a little bit of time to replenish your Pyroxenes if you pull.

To sum it up: Don’t pull. You could pull for Nodoka if you really want to for PvP, but there’s a lot of comps that don’t use her at all so if you have a passable PvP team you can pass on her too.

Waifu Clause

As always, if you really like the student’s design then more power to you. These guides are more about the student’s place in the meta.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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