Baldur’s Gate III Save Games Aren’t Compatible With Next Patch

baldur's gate iii

While Baldur’s Gate III launched for Windows PC, and Google Stadia back in October, the game was released in an Early Access state. As such, the game isn’t exactly finished, and an upcoming patch for the game will make players unable to use their existing save game.

“Patch 3 is just around the corner,” Larian said in a new blog update. “With it comes the first changes that affect the story. Unfortunately, this means Patch 3 will introduce the first save incompatibility, transitioning to the new version.”

As this is the case with many Early Access or in-development games, new versions of the game are running on new code, so old save games become unusable. Larian noted each subsequent patch will include a second branch, where you can play the older version of the game and continue your save game.

You can opt for this branch through the options menu, where a beta will be listed as “patch2.” It’s worth noting this is only available for the Windows PC / Steam version of the game, as the Google Stadia version offers no branch options.

In our Early Access hands-on preview for Baldur’s Gate IIIwe noted the game is promising but ultimately feels like a full-priced slice of the grandiose adventure, as you can only play through the first bit of the planned game. Read our full hands-on preview here.

Baldur’s Gate III is available now as an Early Access title on Windows PC (via Steam and GOG), and Google Stadia.

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