Atari launches newly redesigned MobyGames website

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Atari has announced the completion and launch of MobyGames’ redesigned website. This launch occurs just under a year after their acquisition of the site.

This redesign has completely reworked the site and been built up from scratch with an entirely new codebase, bringing the legendary database to modern times. The homepage showcases popular games, companies, and people by users.

There is added functionality such as the inclusion of a dark and light mode toggle switch for people’s preferences, sorting users’ games collections, and proper mobile UI.

“I know the team at MobyGames is very excited about the new platform, and I want to thank them for the effort and passion they put into this important industry resource, ” Atari CEO Wade Rosen said. “MobyGames will continue to grow and expand, but this release is a major step forward.”

MobyGames general manager Jeremiah Freyholtz added, “I want to thank everyone in the MobyGames community who played such an important role in helping test and provide feedback during the development of the platform. With Atari’s support, I am confident we’ll continue to improve the site and provide an increasingly valuable resource for gamers and game industry professionals.”

Freyholtz has been general manager of the site since 2013 as he was able to maintain his position after Atari acquired the company for $1.5 million. MobyGames originally launched back in 1999 with a database that now consists of over 300,000 games.



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