Are casino apps as much fun as videogames?

New generations of adults are not as fonder of traditional casino games such as roulette or poker as the older generations. Instead, they seem to enjoy more skill-based or arcade-like games that allow them to gamble.

The online gambling industry have rapidly detected that the young adults that are currently in their forties have a wide experience with videogames from their childhood and still enjoy playing that type of games for money, much more than the old-school roulette, blackjack or poker.

That is the reason why if you most mobile casino app include games that are as much fun as traditional videogames.

In fact, many believe that the separation between gambling and gaming is blurring these days, considering that almost any mobile casino app has skill-based games among its library that are quite similar to videogames but in which you can bet and eventually win real money while playing.

Gambling and gaming

If you think about it, gambling and gaming have a lot in common, since in both cases we are talking about an entertainment that involves playing a game based on skills, strategy and luck.

Nevertheless, for some time there was a difference between gambling and gaming based in the fact that gambling involves betting and, eventually, winning money. In addition, many believe that the main gaming involves skills, while gaming is just about chance.

However, things are not that clear nowadays. Gambling and gaming are merging, since gaming is currently including gambling characteristics and the other way around.

For instance, it is quite common in these days to find skill-based or arcade-like games in online casinos websites or applications. These games offer players the chance to have as much fun as they have while playing a videogame, but with money involved. Furthermore, many videogames offer their players to unlock game features by playing for them and to bet during a videogame.

Responsible gambling

Thanks to online casinos, gambling has become more accessible. Anyone with a mobile devise, such as a smartphone or a tablet connected to the internet, can access thousands of games without even leaving the house.

Moreover, since gambling is taking so many features from gaming, it is has become a very attractive activity which provides countless hours of entertainment. Even though there is no evidence at all to support that the merge of gaming with gambling is contributing to some type of pathological gambling, the fact that gambling has become so similar to videogames can be sometimes confusing. In fact, some countries are debating to create a new law frame to acknowledge the changes of the industry.

In this scenario, providing information for gamblers to enjoy their games avoiding any issues is the best approach.


Therefore, below we are sharing some basic information provided by the site of the Responsible Gambling organization to help gamblers learn about the expected behavior while gambling in order to enjoy their time playing and forget about any other issues related with gambling.

  • Avoid gambling if you feel angry or stressed
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis while gambling
  • Do some research about games before depositing money on them
  • Before starting, define your budget and stick to it
  • The money you invest in gambling must be money you can afford to lose
  • Also, define how many time you would like to spend gambling
  • Never try to win back
  • Balance gambling with other recreational activities

In addition, there are some specific suggestions for gambling and gaming

  • Define how many times you will spend playing videogames and balance your day with other activities.
  • Set an alarm clock to know when you should stop gaming
  • Make sure that gaming is not interfering with other important activities in your life, like sharing with your loved ones, studying, practicing sports, working, reading, among other type of activities.
  • Avoid spending too much time seating in front of the screen. To do so, take regular breaks to stretch your legs and back, walk and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Avoid gaming before going to bed, since it might interfere with the relaxation needed to reach a proper rest.

Stick to these tips and enjoy gaming and gambling online.


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