Tabletop RPG Archmage Rises gets surprise Legacy and Rivals update

Archmage Rises

Crush your rivals and become the greatest mage of all time in Archmage Rises‘ newest update.

Archmage Rises is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

You can view the announcement below:

The whole premise of Archmage Rises is: You have one life to live, what will you do with it? Here at Defiance, we love open world sandbox games. But we also want to feel clear progress towards a goal. Legacy & Rivals adds that to Archmage Rises.

Legacy & Rivals: A Mini Update

First off, what is a mini update? Well, it’s a significant update that we didn’t actually plan to do (which means it isn’t listed on our development roadmap). Many of the features released as a part of the Legacy & Rivals mini update weren’t originally scheduled until much later in our development roadmap, but it turns out that we needed these features sooner to prepare for future features. Plus, it really enhances the play experience to release these now.

Here’s what’s new in Legacy & Rivals…
New Major Quest: Mabren’s Tower

We have enhanced our quest tools and technology and so are proud to announce the culmination of what Nolan and the team can do so far with a new major quest: Mabren’s Tower.

The quest is a race against a rival to make a major discovery. We think it will show off some of the power of our quest tech updates and we hope you enjoy it!
Legacy: One New Stat to Rule Them All!

“All that matters are the things that remain.”

The simulator tracks a lot of things about the player and the world. We’re distilling all this data into one stat easily compared against rivals and historical mages in the world.

The core design of the game is along three core paths: Renown, Wealth, and Power. We are now displaying these as stats in the game and on your save files. Legacy is derived from how well you perform in the three paths. Each is weighted differently and we will likely change the weighting as we go along. The design allows you to pursue all three, or just focus on one. It’s your choice how you spend your life.

You can directly increase your Legacy with new items and actions. These are in addition to the three new stats. Things like:

  • Purchasing property for a Mage Tower
  • Displaying rare items like Art or Books in your mage tower
  • Clearing out a monster lair
  • Eradicating a monster race


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