Arcade Platformer, Drop Wizard, Will Be on iOS from January 8th

According to developers Neutronized, Drop Wizard is “a single screen arcade platformer […] inspired by games like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros“. (One of the Niche Gamer team also commented that it reminds them of Kirby.)

You play as a wizard, Teo, who’s on a quest to save a friend who’s been turned into stone by a warlock. The game has 60-plus stages in which to collect power-ups and score combos, boss battles, and secret game modes.

Neutronized’s last game, Lost Yeti, was featured in Apple’s App Store, and was promoted by Starbucks as a Pick of the Week, so this new one may be worth checking out. Drop Wizard looks like it’s filled with all sorts of arcade goodness, if the trailer above is anything to go by.

Drop Wizard will be available on the iOS App Store on January 8th.



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  1. ConnorORT
    January 4, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    This looks awesomely cute. Too bad it’s iOS only, I’d check it out if it were on Android.