Apple Arcade reportedly most popular game subscription service with over 100 million users

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There are many video game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, all of which offer gamers online play or access to a large catalogue of titles.

While the aforementioned subscriptions duke it out along with Nintendo Online, it seems that Apple Arcade is the one which reigns supreme at over 100 million subscribed users.

Studio director of Sports Interactive Games Miles Jacobson revealed an estimate of the services subscriber count and it’s a lot higher than most would’ve imagined.

“[…] We’re going to be able to reach out to this new audience via Apple Arcade. I’m told nine-figure subscribers, I have no idea if those numbers are right or not.” he said to iMore.

Which if it is accurate, then that meant at least 100 million people are subbed through the service, and would greatly dwarf the big three when it comes to subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus remains the most popular home console service at over 45 million, despite the major recent losses, while Xbox Game Pass appears to be quite far behind at over 25 million.

To be fair, Apple Arcade is fortunate to be available on multiple popular platforms such as iPhone, Mac/Macbooks, and Apple TV – while the others remain limited to their respective consoles, and Game Pass is also on PC.

Perhaps this makes for no surprise that Apple is working more towards gains in the gaming sphere with new APIs, and supporting the recent release of Resident Evil Village on their Mac platforms.

This also greatly explains Netflix’s gaming focused goals of their own subscription service, which are similar to Apple’s. If these numbers are accurate, then it certainly shows a massive market for this kind of product.



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