An Update and Apology from Niche Gamer

Hey everyone, this is Brandon, the founder, owner, and Editor-in-Chief at Niche Gamer.

For those unaware, we’ve recently had accusations from another website, Gematsu, of plagiarism here on Niche Gamer. While not all of the claims are true, regardless, I take full responsibility and we have already removed any legitimately suspect content from said articles, and are looking at other articles as well. This was a complete oversight on my part, mostly due to sheer overwork and lack of delegation.

I’m not going to lie, I was really stretched thin with my time between my day job, my family, and running Niche Gamer as a second job. There have been many times I neglected my family so we could make embargo deadlines. My small team has asked me to hire more people for too long now, and by postponing that, I simply made things worse. When the accusations came out, I panicked and I lied with that ghost writer statement, and hid a few replies on Twitter. It was wrong, it was a breach of trust, and I’m sorry. This does not reflect my own moral standards, the high moral standards our staff strive for every single day, or the ethics that drive Niche Gamer forward.

I’ve been managing, editing, and publishing things on Niche Gamer mostly by myself for some time now, from all the staff reviews, the day to day content from staff, our editorials, everything. I’m exhausted. My day job takes up most of my time and then I’ve been running the site in all of my free time. This doesn’t excuse how I let this become such a problem, but I am truly sorry to Gematsu (and its owner, Sal), my staff, and most of all you – our fans and readers.

To make amends, I am stepping away from managing the front-end content of Niche Gamer. We are in the process of empowering current staff to take on duties as editors on all aspects of the website (news, reviews, etc), and I will be taking more of a back-end role with the site, focusing on back-end tasks while also working on our server upgrades, new site features, and more.

I started Niche Gamer by myself six years ago and it has grown tremendously since then. We’ve been offering not just news but previews, reviews, interviews – everything the big corporate sites do, but in a fully independent website with a tightly knit core staff. I’m so proud of the content our staff have produced, and I fully trust them handling the front-end of the website.

I also want Niche Gamer to keep growing, and to keep improving. Seeing how excited we get over a really cool new obscure or niche game, and how excited fans get to see a truly new and unique game is what we’re all about. I want you to know I really, truly care about our fans, and this is why we responded to this so quickly and are genuinely trying to improve things.

As Niche Gamer grew, the website and its community really has grown beyond one person. I am happy to keep being a part of it, even from the back-end, while the next generation takes the reins. I’m also really tired. I’m happy I’ll be able to spend more time with my family, who I love very much, as I’ve spent a lot of time on the website up until now and not with them.

I know a lot of you are let down by this, but please know that Niche Gamer was never just about me. I wanted to build out a talented and fun staff to help me run the website, which we are doing now. Please give us another chance now that we are working through this and simply want to focus on what matters most: fun content about cool and unique new games.



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