Among Us Adds New Roles, Cosmetic Shop, and Progression System in Latest Update

Among Us

Innersloth have released a new update to Among Usadding new roles, a cosmetic shop, and progression system to the game.

Update 2021.11.09 is now available in all platforms; the two major additions are new roles, a cosmetic shop, and new mechanics to earn them. Previously, the game only had Imposters (trying to kill off everyone else and prevent them from their tasks), and Crewmates (tasked with completing tasks, avoiding being murdered, and finding the Imposters).

The four roles include Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter. The Scientist can access vitals (who’s alive and dead) at any time without a terminal; but will need to complete tasks to recharge a battery to do so. Engineers can use vents, an ability only Imposters had. Guardian Angels, seemingly assigned when a player dies and is a ghost, can cast a protecting shield around remaining Crewmates.

All of the above are roles for Crewmates. The Imposter will gain access to the Shapeshifter, letting them disguise themselves as any other Crewmate. Players can customize their lobbys and matches to dictate what roles they want available, their probability of occurring, and even tweaking individual abilities.


The second major element of the update is Cosmicubes- that’s both “cosmetic” and “cosmic.” As players play the game, they earn XP, Beans, and Airship Pods. These ultimately let players earn more Hats, Skins, Pets, and the new Visors and Nameplates.

The Cosmicubes are a branching “skill tree” (all cosmetics do not affect gameplay), which are unlocked via Beans or Stars (the premium currency). While Beans by cosmetics and some Cosmicubes, Stars can acquire more “special” ones. Airship Pods are used to unlock the Cosmicubes (each needing a different type of pod based on its content).

As players gain more XP and levels, they will gain a multiplier for Beans and Pods. Those who already bought DLC cosmetics will have them transferred over, with an in-game pop up showing how (“Keep in mind you can only do this once”).

The update also introduces account linking. Innersloth also note Stars purchased on Nintendo Switch can currently only be used on that platform “In the future, Pods & Beans earned on Switch can be shared across most systems. It’s not currently available with this update, but we’re working on it!” 

Achievements are also coming to Among Us, beyond those already on some platforms. Milestone Achievements earned on one platform will need the associated action performed once more on others.


You can find the new Roles & Cosmicubes trailer below.


Among Us is available on Windows PC (via Itch.io, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, December 14th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

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