Action tower defense hybrid Castle of Alchemists gets Early Access release date

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Publisher Catoptric Games and developer Team Machiavelli have announced the early access release date for Castle of Alchemists.

Their action tower defense title is set to launch on Steam on May 12, 2023 for PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming game curtesy of Catoptric Games:

Castle of Alchemists

Developed over the course of two years, Castle of Alchemists is an action-packed game that combines the top down shooter and tower defense genres with RPG elements.

In Castle of Alchemists, you will take on the role of Bellator, an alchemically enhanced super soldier tasked with defending a castle from a wide range of foes. Use different types of traps, weapons, towers and items to defend the last bastion of the alchemists.


  • Defend with Your Own Style – Choose your own fighting style as you make use of different traps, weapons, towers and items. Whether you want to burn down all of your enemies, electrocute them using metal traps and water or make them bleed, you will find an option suitable for your unique style of fighting. Mix and match different builds and trap setups to establish your defense. Or, just take out your hammer and start swinging. As long as you can keep enemies from passing through your defenses, anything is fair game.
  • Different Levels, Different Challenges – Each of the twelve levels brings their own challenges. You will have to strategize according to the layout of the level and the enemies within it. Each enemy type has their own unique abilities, vulnerabilities, and resistances you must keep in mind in order to defend against them. Use different builds and traps to overcome each challenge.
  • Improve Bellator and Your Defenses – Level up and strengthen Bellator as you unlock mutations that fit your playstyle. Discover crafting recipes as you clear levels and make use of the crafting system to craft powerful weapons and items, each with randomly generated unique attributes, making every crafted item unique. Unlock different variations of the traps to transform their use case and fit your strategy.

Here’s the gameplay trailer:

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