Bloody Chronicles Act1 – IF MODE “Aki” DLC Steam Page Live Ahead of Announcement

Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE Aki DLC

Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death will have a new DLC IF Mode focused on Aki, as a Steam page has gone live ahead of any announcement.

Bloody Chronicles Act1 – IF MODE “Aki” is coming soon to Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam). The release date may change when formally announced.

As previously reported; the visual novel focuses on Igrasil, an agency specializing investigating murders that authorities consider impossible to solve. Koyama Kazuki is one such detective of Igrasil, who uncovers a connection between several unrelated cases. All signs point to the Phantom Killer, the one who killed his parents.

Along with growing closer to several female members of Igrasil, the IF Mode DLC provides alternate scenarios where Koyama grows even closer to them.

While there has been no formal announcement by Igrasil Studio, a Steam page for the next character-focused IF Mode DLC has been discovered (as per a tip via email). Bloody Chronicles Act1 – IF MODE “Aki” features an alternative story, where Aki’s big decision has rocked Igrasil. Further still, the Phantom’s riddle, Kaoru’s departure, and two new members have caused more complications.

It should be noted that while some screenshots for the DLC are a little lewd, the Steam page states the DLC “doesn’t contain R18 / sexual content.” The DLC was seemingly teased back on July 23rd, as the scene Igrasil Studio tweeted about is one of the images on the Steam page.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below.

Aki IF MODE, tell an alternative story to the events of Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death.
Together with General Coya, Hisshi solves the Phantom’s mysterious riddle. Meanwhile, Igrasil faces big changes due to Kaoru’s departure and an unexpected decision from Aki. To complicate matters further, Suzumi announces two brand-new members the next day…

How will Kazuki deal with getting caught in the middle of all this?

It is recommended that you play this game only after having played The Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death.

* This DLC doesn’t contain R18 / sexual content.

Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death is available now on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam). You can find our review of the game here (we recommend it!).

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