Capcom to Fix Color Changing Bug and More in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Capcom are working on fixing several bugs in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, including the “feature” to change a Monstie’s color.

As previously reported, the series focuses on working alongside monsters as Riders. Wings of Ruin focuses on a newborn Rathalos runt that cannot fly, while others have fled the land. However, this Razewing Rathalos is foretold to bring about the end of the world with the titular Wings of Ruin, and Hunters and Riders alike want to use it for their own ends.

Discover the mystery behind the beast and the Rage Rays breaking out across the land, beat back foes in turn-based battles along-side your monster allies, and use your bonds to bring down devastation on your foes.

Capcom have confirmed several bugs in the game; including the final cutscene stopping for some players, a corrupt data message when accessing multiplayer, and a level 99 Battle buddy and Monstie reverting to level 1 after leaving the party and being re-added later.

The oddest of these is how Monsties can change their element and body color. While this was a feature of Monster Hunter Stories, this is not intended for Wings of Ruin.

Nonetheless, players can alter the primary element via the Rite of Channeling. This passes abilities and skills from one Monstie to another, such as increasing how much damage attacks of certain elements do.

Should a Monstie’s elemental damage be increased, it is possible to alter their primary element (their most powerful element). This also changes their colors; but this is not always consistent when entering battle, and certain Kinship Skills show the wrong elemental animations or are missing components.

However, Capcom notes that Wings of Ruin is not supposed to have element changing. While all of the mentioned bugs will be fixed via future patches, only the color changing part of the primary element bug will be fixed. The element changing can occur when a Monstie is at a low level, but stops as the Monstie’s intended primary element increases as they level up.

“This game does not include the feature to change a Monstie’s element.
We are aware of a bug that causes Monstie color and appearance issues when out in the field and in Kinship Skill animations. This occurs when the attack power of another element is greater than the Monstie’s original element.
This bug can be seen when Monsties are at a low level, but as they level up and their original element value increases, the bug will no longer occur.
We will implement a fix that focuses only on the color change bug in a later update.”

However, based on the comments to the tweet discussing the bugs, several users begged for the bug to remain. Several commented they wanted color changing to remain and be “fixed” to function properly for various Monsties, and for being able to make a Monstie an alternate element to remain at higher levels.

Will Capcom decide to turn this bug into a feature thanks to fan requests? We will keep you informed as we learn more.

In earlier news, the game recently achieved selling over 1 million units globally just over a week from launch.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is available for Windows PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch. You can expect our review soon!

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