Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced, Launches October 8

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo have announced a new Nintendo Switch model; with a larger and brighter OLED screen, and wired LAN support.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) launches October 8th for $349.99 USD (MSRP), the same day as Metroid Dread

As stated in the press release (via email), the new Nintendo Switch OLED model promises to be a similar overall size to the current system, but with a 7-inch OLED screen “with vivid colors and crisp contrast.” Along with 64GB of internal storage, it will also feature a new dock with wired LAN support, wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, and enhanced audio for tabletop and handheld play.

The system will be able to play both on TV and in handheld modes, with a carrying case and screen protector also being available. “The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is a great option for players who want to experience the new vibrant screen when playing in handheld and tabletop mode,” says Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser.

“With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have an additional choice of a system that best fits the gaming experience they desire – whether it’s Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.”

The system will launch with two color options; a white set with everything in white (bar the main unit and Joy-Con cradle controller), and the classic neon red and blue set (with red and blue Joy-Cons and a black main unit and dock).

The system promises to be compatible with the entire Nintendo Switch library, “However, the system will not cleanly fit within all the design parameters of the Nintendo Labo series. There may also be games where the game experience may differ due to the new capabilities of the console, such as the larger screen size.”

You can find the announcement trailer below.

In earlier news, we previously reported on rumors (including from Bloomberg) of a more powerful Nintendo Switch being in production; a so-called “Nintendo Switch Pro” model. Those supposedly in the know claimed this new model would support 4K graphics (via a new NVidia graphics chip and 7-inch screen), and launch early 2021.

Bloomberg and Eurogamer sources also speculated the console may launch September or October 2021, with an announcement prior to E3 2021. This would enable third-parties to show off their games freely, as Nintendo’s own digital showcase would be later during the E3 2021 week. Along with claims of listings going live on June 4th, none of these rumors would come true.

Our own editorial proposed that it was unlikely; due to Nintendo typically focusing on being a lower-priced console, and the shortage of chips meaning higher-end tech would cost more for Nintendo and the consumer. Bowser indirectly denied the existence of the Nintendo Switch Pro; focusing on how Nintendo are always looking at technology and how technology can enhance gameplay experiences.”

While several elements proved false, the 7-inch screen and October release date proved true. Was the other information all false, or changes in production?

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model)? Sound off in the comments below!

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