Suikoden 25th Anniversary Concert Announced, Will Be Streamed Online

Suikoden 25th Anniversary Concert

While Konami may have forgotten about the series, a Suikoden 25th anniversary concert has been announced (via 4Gamer) by the Japan Game Music Orchestra (JAGMO), and it will be held each Sunday this month.

The original Gensou Suikoden game was released in Japan back on December 15th, 1995 – so its 25th anniversary was actually last year, but the Japan Game Music Orchestra is holding a much bigger orchestral concert series for the franchise this month.

Here’s the full schedule and tracklist:

April 4, 2021 (Sun.) – for the 108 Stars of Destiny

  • OVERTURE for the 108 Stars of Destiny[T1]
  • Episode of Leknaat -The 27 True Runes-
  • Episode of Luca
  • First movement “Prayer to the Mother
  • Second Movement “Mad Prince Luca Bright
  • Episode of Viktor
  • First movement “Viktor the Wind Boy
  • North Window” (2nd movement)
  • Third movement “Emblem of the Night

Sunday, April 11, 2021 – Episode of Jowy

  • Episode of Gremio
  • First movement “Imperial City Gregminster
  • Second movement “Gremio, the Heavenly Planet
  • Episode of Flik
  • First movement “Odessa Silverberg
  • Second movement “Flik of the Blue Thunder
  • Episode of Jowy
  • First movement “Days gone by
  • Second movement “Jowy Bright
  • Third movement “Emblem of the Beginning

Sunday, April 18, 2021 – Chamber Orchestra of Suikoden

  • Recollection
  • Requiem of Sorrow
  • Symphony Suite “Suikoden II” -Interlude
  • Makumei Cooking Showdown
  • Select a dish
  • One minute of confrontation
  • Iron Man appears
  • Orizzonte
  • Due Fiumi – The Two Rivers
  • La mia tristezza
  • The Young Braves
  • The Proud Sarabande
  • Forest Path
  • In Search of the Heroes of the Past
  • Glittering Blade
  • Crest of Punishment
  • O shining sea! Sky!
  • Moonlit Night Theme
  • Deep Blue Reminiscence Finale
  • Light Wailing in the Dark
  • Tower of Stars
  • Stars in the Beyond
  • Withered Earth
  • Gothic Neclord

April 25, 2021 (Sun.) – Episode of Luc

  • Episode of Ted -Rune of Life and Death-“.
  • Episode of McDohl
  • Episode of Luc
  • First movement “Tenma Seiruku
  • Second movement “Stars in the Beyond
  • Third movement “The Masked Priest General
  • Fourth movement “Emblem of the True Wind

While the Japan Game Music Orchestra previously held a Suikoden 25th anniversary concert in December of last year and even earlier in 2017, the majority of their concerts have been conduced offline and then uploaded online later. Due to fan requests, the concerts this month will also be streamed online via Thumva.

If you missed today’s performance (it went down at 5 AM Eastern, ha) you can watch archived versions if you buy tickets – but only for up to two weeks after the concert dates. Each concert premieres at 6 PM Japan time, and ends at 11:30 PM Japan time, or 10:30 AM Eastern.

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