Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Bea‪t‬ Announced, Now Available

Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Bea‪t‬ Announced

Bandai Namco has announced and released Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Beat for Apple Arcade.

The traditional Japanese drumming music-rhythm game is now available for Apple Arcade (includes Mac OS, iOS, and tv OS).

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Sync to the rhythm and drum away to those notes!

The traditional Japanese drumming rhythm game, Taiko no Tatsujin, comes to Apple Arcade.


  • Four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme
  • Play various modes and collect lots of costumes!
  • Drum against your friends online!

How to Play

  • Tap the Taiko drum in sync with the notes!
    • Each song comes with its own unique note charts. Sync to the rhythm and tap the drum in accordance with the notes.
    • Each tap will be scored as GOOD, OK, or BAD depending on how well timed it is to the music note.
  •  Fill up the Soul Gauge and clear the song!
    • The Soul Gauge fills up if taps are timed to the music notes, but loses steam when they are not.
    • If the Soul Gauge is filled past the clear line when the song ends, then it’s CLEARED!
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