Bardin Goreksson Receives New Outcast Engineer Career in Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Fatshark has announced an upcoming fourth career for the character Bardin Gorekkson in Warhammer: Vermintide 2: The Outcast Engineer.

The upcoming announcement was teased on the 16th via Twitter and officially revealed during a Twitch stream on the 17th. This is the second “Premium Career” to be announced after Markus Kruber’s Grail Knight class. Premium Careers are character options locked behind paid DLC.

The Outcast Engineer career for Bardin Gorekkson is a primarily ranged class with a unique ultimate ability. While most classes have ultimate abilities that are powerful and only usable once when charged, The Outcast Engineer has a gatling gun that uses the ultimate bar as its ammo. The ammo is manually revealed by holding a button to crank the gun, replacing the usual mechanic of charging the bar by killing enemies.

Two new weapons are also being included for Bardin, the Cog Hammer and the Masterwork Pistol. The Cog Hammer is a melee weapon with two sides. One is a hammer with two pistons that can fling shrapnel to hit enemies at a short range. The other end is a simple axe for getting up close and personal with enemies.

The Masterwork Pistol has two modes of fire, a single shot mode with more accuracy and range, or firing all six shots in the revolver in rapid succession to tear through armored foes. On the stream it was said that the Cog Hammer and Masterwork Pistol should be available to most of Bardin’s other classes as well. Meanwhile The Outcast Engineer will be unable to use Dual Axes, Throwing Axes, and Crossbows.

Finally, The Outcast Engineer’s passive ability is to hold onto three grenades at once using his Utility Belt. He can carry three grenades in any combination of incendiary or frag grenades.

The Outcast Engineer class is anticipated to release sometime in November, provided no issues come up before release.

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