Steam City Builder Sale is Running Through November 10

The Steam City Builder Sale

The online retailer Steam is holding “The Steam City Builder Sale” which runs through November 10th.

Although the sale started on November 3rd, there’s still time to check out deals for fans and newcomers to the genre. Notable deals include Banished for 66% off at $6.79 USD, Tropico 6 for 50% off at $24.99 USD, and Anno 2205 for 75% off at $9.99 USD among others. You can check out The Steam City Builder Sale here.

The sale also highlights city builder titles coming out in the near future. Upcoming releases include Going Medieval, Viking City Builderand TimberbornTimberborn in particular is a unique title we have covered previously where players manage a burgeoning village of beaver people in the wake of humanity’s extinction.

Although there’s a lot to check out in The Steam City Builder Sale, it’s worth remembering that Valve’s notorious Winter Sale should be coming up next month.

The Steam City Builder Sale ends on November 10th at 10am PST.

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