Publisher Eastasiasoft Wants to Know if You’ll Still Buy PS Vita Games in 2021

Publisher eastasiasoft has been sticking to their guns with still releasing games for PS Vita, despite Sony pulling the plug on the handheld over a year ago. The publisher has reached out to their community to see if users are still using their Vita, and if they’ll buy more games for the handheld.

“Raise up your hand if you still own a PS Vita and will buy Vita games from eastasiasoft in 2021!”, the publisher asked over on Twitter. Despite hardware being discontinued, the PS Vita still garners a hardcore niche following, and gets digital releases still, alongside limited physical releases via boutique publishers like eastasiasoft.

It’s worth noting the game in eastasiasoft’s photo, the Metal Slug-throwback game Brotherhood United, is currently not available for the system, but eastasiasoft published the game for PS4 and Xbox One. They’ll likely be porting it to PS Vita, if the above photo is any indication.

In related news, Sony put the remaining nails in the coffin for PS Vita with their big new PlayStation Store overhaul, which also removes the option to view and buy PlayStation Portal, PlayStation 3, and yes, PS Vita games from their webstore or mobile store. You can still buy them on the PS Vita itself, though.

Do you still own a PS Vita, and play on it regularly? Are you buying games for it lately? Sound off in the comments below!

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