Sony Will Optimize the PS5’s Fan Through Post-Launch Updates

ps5's fan

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced plans to optimize the PS5’s internal components post-launch via online updates, a move further reaffirming the gap between traditional PC hardware and specialized gaming consoles has basically disappeared.

While PC hardware regularly gets firmware updates from their manufacturers, Sony has confirmed (via 4Gamer.net) that they’ll update the PlayStation 5’s internal fan with online updates. Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of mechanical design at Sony gave a thorough breakdown of all the internal components, and how they all perform.

“Various games will be released in the future, and data on APU’s behavior will be collected for each game” Ootori said. “We have a plan to optimize the fan control based on this data.”

Sony recently shared a teardown video of the PS5, showing off all its internal components, including the massive 120mm wide and 45mm thick, double-sided air intake fan. The PS5 has a temperature sensor inside its APU, as well as three temperature sensors on its main board to control he fan speed.

Controlling internal fan speeds has long been something PC builders and gamers have been able to control and manipulate with different setting profiles, something Sony and Sony alone will control with the PS5 in future updates.

The PlayStation 5 will launch November 12th in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. For the rest of the world, it will launch November 19th

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