Niche Spotlight – Godking: Master of Rituals

Godking: Master of Rituals

Today’s Spotlight is Godking: Master of Rituals, a fantasy 4X strategy game by Sensiga that recently left Early Access.

Inspired by classics like the Dominions series, Godking: Master of Rituals allows players to conquer procedurally generated fantasy worlds as a godlike avatar. Mix and match your kingdom from eight different races, and ten otherworldly avatars.

Build your empire, raise armies, and watch your followers battle in automated combat sequences. Godking: Master of Rituals is available on Windows PC via Steam for $29.99 USD. You can find the latest trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Godking: Master of Rituals is a fantasy strategy game inspired by 25 years of classics, while bringing a host of new features and innovations to the table.

Pick your faction and your god-like incarnation, build your empire and crush all enemies.

Play as the Blackbog Goblins – who rely on cheap slaves and dark magic, the Scaleborne – lizardmen clans who can swim across the seas, Mercia – the once great human kingdom who can field huge armies of armored knights, United Tribes – the human barbarian brotherhood of freefolk, the Returned – skeletal armies of undead warriors and necromantic mages, Khaoset – the chaos entity able to reproduce itself into a whole faction of mind linked mutated chaos creatures, Alfendor – the first elven kingdom reforged, or play as Imperatus – a faction of scavenging ratlings that specialize in plaguecraft and necromancy.

Pick one faction to lead. The rest you will have to destroy…

Key Features

  • A new 4X experience, with a rich fantasy universe to explore and powerful enemies to destroy
  • Eight unique playable factions, all with their own set of units, spells and even mechanics and how to play them
  • Ten unique god-like incarnations – the representation of you the player in the world, each with their own set of passive abilities, combat stats, spells and strategies. They combine and mix with all factions, for added replayability and experience differentiation
  • Visually beautiful automatic combat – with knights, arrows, flying spells and terrifying monsters – you plan your army compositions to effectively beat the next enemy, then you lean back and watch as your brilliant plans unfold
  • Rogue-like elements, with randomly generated maps, randomly placed holdings, randomized holding defenses, randomly placed magical artifacts and randomly placed world treasure chests and wandering monsters – this gives the game enormous replayability. Always a new experience and sometimes with almost hilarious results

Will you take form as the Blazing Invoker, a master of fire? Or the ghostly Banshee Queen that can only be damaged with magic? The Bonerat Emperor, a skeletal ratling back from the dead. The elven Lightmaid on her sacred Jaden mount? Will you be the Older Earthmother, who protects and heals? Will you play the High Shaman, a barbarian incarnation able to summon wolves and shapeshift into wereform? Maybe you pick the Wraith Lord, an ancient undead mage? Or are you at heart the Harbinger of Chaos, a creature able to summon mutated forms from the plane of chaos? Or play as the Godwyrm, a fire dragon so powerful it can win almost without help from its faction.

A new world awaits you – so awaken as Godking. Claim your throne.

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