Localization Director Job Listing for Blue Protocol Reveals Worldwide Launch After March 2021, “Media Mix” May Indicate Anime in Development

Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco Studios have asked for a Localization Director for Blue Protocol, revealing a possible release date and an upcoming anime.

As previously reported, the online action RPG is set to launch on Windows PC, but a release date has not been announced. You can find information on the game’s character creation and classes here. We have not heard much, save from a new trailer in February this year.

Now, a new job listing discovered by Twitter user @Renka_schedule (thanks DualShockers) has discovered more information.  Bandai Namco Studios are asking for a Localization Director to handle UI, text, voices, and “Culturalization supervision rooted in each region.” (translation: Google Translate).

How localization and translation will be handled are explained further, placing the control squarely with the publishers of each region.

“Translation and recording work, and basic culturalization instructions will be given by the person in charge of the publisher in each region.

We would like the localization director to act as a contact point with publishers in each region, to steer the localization work in-house, and to utilize the experience so far to supervise the culture.”

The listing continues, stating that “From the next fiscal year onward, we will release on WW sequentially starting from Japan, aiming to expand the IP together with the development in the media mix.” “WW” almost certainly means worldwide in this context. According to DualShockers, this would place the release date (based on Bandi Namco’s financial years) as after March 31st, 2021.

The term media mix, also known as transmedia, means we will likely see Blue Protocol in other media- such as an anime. We will keep you informed here, and on our anime and manga news website Nicchiban as we learn more.

Image: Twitter

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