Oddworld: Soulstorm Molluck Returns Gameplay Trailer

Oddworld Inhabitants have revealed a new gameplay trailer for Oddworld: Soulstorm during the PlayStation 5 Showcase.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming soon to Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. As previously reported, the game continues where Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! ended. Abe is now a hero to the Mudokon people, sparking the beginnings of revolution.

Abe uncovers “a terrifying machination, one that threatens to annihilate any hope of his people’s potential freedom.” However those opposed to him are well-funded, using deception and disinformation. While keeping the core gameplay from past titles, the game also expands with new features such as the Scavenger’s Economy System, and crafting where players can give items to their followers.

The PlayStation Blog also reveals the “quarma”morality system has returned; where Abe’s actions will have immediate effects, and will effect the strength of his spiritual powers, and if his allies will follow him.

The new gameplay trailer also shows the return of Molluck, the Glukkon who was CEO of RuptureFarms and the main villain of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. Last time he was seen he had gone into hiding, fearing reprisal for his failure to prevent the Mudokon rebellion.

You can find the Molluck Returns trailer below.



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