Possibly Cancelled Xbox Series X Virtual Press Briefing Leaks

Xbox Series X

An Xbox Series X Virtual Press Briefing has leaked online, possibly the one that was going to reveal the price and release date of the console prior to leaks.

Microsoft announced the release date and price of the Xbox Series X; November 10th for $499 USD (ERP). Further, EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.

The announcement was likely motivated by the leaks of the all-digital Xbox Series S, latter formally announced. It also launches November 10th, but for $299 USD (ERP).

Now, Twitter user WalkingCat has posted the Xbox News Briefing 2020. Based on the interviews therein conducted by Cindy Walker (Senior Director of Xbox Platform Marketing) this presentation may have been what Microsoft originally intended to show to reveal the Xbox Series S, release dates, and prices of that and the Xbox Series X.

Walker interviewed Phil Spencer (head of Xbox), Jason Ronald (Director of Program Management, skipped by the Twitter user), Liz Hamren (Head of Platform Engineering and Hardware), and Sarah Bond (Head of Xbox Partnerships & Ecosystems); discussing the advantages of both consoles and Xbox All Access.

While game announcements and other info could have been removed (or not yet edited into the presentation), the leaked clips make it look like the majority of the presentation would have been interviews discussing what was known and revealed during the event.

What do you think? Would this presentation have had more impact than the leaks, or did the leaks and subsequent tweet save Microsoft from a dry presentation? Sound off in the comments below!

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