Zoid Wild: Infinity Blast Launches Winter 2020 on Nintendo Switch in Japan

Zoid Wild: Infinity Blast

The official Japanese Zoids Twitter account has announced the Japanese release date for Zoid Wild: Infinity Blast.

The game was announced in Famitsu’s June issue (according to ryokutya2089, a blog that shares and summerizes information from the magazine).

Along with new Zoids, such as Rising Liger, players will be able to modify their Zoids with additional weapons to aid them in combat. Ryokutya2089 also claims players will be able to change the color of their Zoids.

The game is based on the Zoids: Wild anime. The anime follows young boy Arashi and his Zoid Wild Liger, attempting to stop the Dark Metal Empire from using Zoids for conquest. Other details on the game are scant at this time. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

You can find screenshots from the announcement tweet below.

Zoid Wild: Infinity Blast launches Winter 2020 for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

In other news, it was recently announced that Zoids Wild: King of Blast will be heading to the west as Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed

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