9-nine-:Episode 3 Confirmed for the West, 9-nine-:Episode 4 in Development

9-nine-:Episode 3

Sekai Project has announced that Palette’s visual novel 9-nine-:Episode 3 will be coming to the west, and 9-nine-:Episode 4 is in development.

The 9-nine- series  follows Kakeru Niimi, hurled into a world of chaos after the sacred relic of a local shrine is shattered- grant several people superhuman powers. One of these people have seemingly become a serial killer.

Now Niimii and his super-powered class mates desperately try to solve the mystery and track down the killer. Each game [1, 2] “focuses on a different heroine,” where the story is in the same universe, playing out differently thanks to changes in events.

You can find the trailer for 9-nine-:Episode 4 below.

You can find the rundown (via the video description) below.

Shiromitsugawa City: an academic city with no other particular features.

A large earthquake hits the city, damaging the sacred treasure in the Shrine of the White Viper’s Relic, and causing strange items to appear from a parallel world. These “artifacts” grant strange powers to their owners, with incidents of an owner abusing their powers and turning people into stone.

While in his continued pursuit of the man using the Artifacts for evil purposes, he knows that Yuuki Noa, a principled girl who goes to Kuho Academy, is a necessary key to that endeavor. The time has finally come to uncover the truth behind the Artifact’s arrival as the curtain rises on the next chapter in this supernatural visual novel series.

9-nine-:Episode 3 is coming soon to the west. 9-nine-:Episode 4 is in development.

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